The Zen of Dementia

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The effects of my new condition on my zen practice/ sitting zazen/meditating were catastrophic at first. Just when it was the most important for my stability it was impossible to do.

A woman who had a few years ago left a NYC apartment and climbed into an RV alone to travel around the country was now incapable of focusing her thoughts after practicing zen for years.

Just when I needed meditation most, for mediatation is an important tool in preventing and controlling dementia, it was the most difficult to accomplish.

Like everything now, it took time, effort, and a relaxing of standards. I started again with mantra meditation & am now back to three periods daily.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Chamundi said...

Hello Chamundi,

I wish you many blessings for your meditation practice, in the recognition of the lessons you will gain in your experience of EOAD.

Unbelievably, my name is Chamundi, I am also a Saggitarian born in the year of the dog. I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

It is amazing synchronicities like these that allow me to recognize that even when we feel like an island, all land is still connected beneath the waves of the great ocean.

May the auspicious power of your name offer you the strength to realize your highest destiny.

With great respect,



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