The Zen of Dementia

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This shot taken of me in Reno in the summer of 2004 is the last time someone snapped my picture while I was standing alone. It was taken by the duck pond (actually a drainage ditch connected to the local stream) and visited on the occasion by small fur bearing predators to feast on the ducks & birds. Unfortunately, you cannot see the beautiful snow capped mountains that surround the valley where this shot was taken. Posted by Picasa

The effects of my new condition on my zen practice/ sitting zazen/meditating were catastrophic at first. Just when it was the most important for my stability it was impossible to do.

A woman who had a few years ago left a NYC apartment and climbed into an RV alone to travel around the country was now incapable of focusing her thoughts after practicing zen for years.

Just when I needed meditation most, for mediatation is an important tool in preventing and controlling dementia, it was the most difficult to accomplish.

Like everything now, it took time, effort, and a relaxing of standards. I started again with mantra meditation & am now back to three periods daily.

The Zen Of Dementia

My name is Chamundi. I took this photo of Monterey at Thanksgiving of '04 while staying at the IYH Hostel there.

Realizing that you have EOAD (Early Onset Altzheimer Disease)leaves you feeling a bit like that small island. Within sight of shore (safety, everyone else, coherence). But not touching.

After a life time of sensitivity, communication & organization skills, those are gone. You find yourself, if you are to survive to all, constantly dancing between respecting your boundaries & total self involvement.